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Stained Glass Grinders

Stained Glass Grinders are an essential tool in your stained glass workshop. Stained glass grinders are used to shape glass after its been cut to a rough shape. Although it is possible to complete smaller projects by hand, a grinder can be used to make the process easier and less tendious. When purchasing a stained glass grinder you should consider a few things, such as your budget, the amount of hours you will be using the grinder, and if you will be using it for professional or hobby use.

There are many stained glass grinders on the market. The small units are good for the home studio, but since a grinder is typically a one time purchase, most artists will choose a larger one so they can grow into it. The smaller grinders will do most jobs a hobbyist attempts, but the larger ones will come with a larger grinding bit which will last longer, an eye shield and sometimes a 1/4" grinding bit. The larger units also have a larger work surface.

Stained glass grinders tend to hold their value fairly well so even if you need to only use the tools for a few projects, it can be a worthwhile investment. Here at Spring Creek Stained Glass, we want to make sure you get the right grinder for your needs so if you have questions about the purchase, feel free to give us a call and we'll be sure to get you the product that will meet your budget and your needs.