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Gryphon Gryphette Diamond Grinder

Gryphon Gryphette Grinder

Item # 290316

The Gryphon Gryphette Grinder offers the best value in a stained glass grinder today. The Gryphon Gryphette Grinder features a small enclosure houses a surprisingly powerful DC motor. Even when using 1" diamond bits, it is virtually impossible to stall the motor.

It has a very fine abrasive blade which cuts cleanly and coolly resulting in a minimum of flash. A large adjustable table provides settings for accurate angles. The chop saw design along with the built in clamp for the work and safety shield provide protection to the operator.

Blade Specifications: - Blade Construction: Fiberglass reinforced - Blade Diameter: 5.625 inches - Blade Thickness: 0.035 inch

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Gryphon Gryphette Diamond Grinder